Hillary Clinton’s email scandal didn’t vanish like it was supposed to after FBI director James Comey recommended that Clinton not be indicted, and her poll numbers have taken a hit in the interim.

Vox to the rescue? Matt Yglesias on Tuesday took one for Team Hillary and published a piece entitled “Against Transparency,” but it seems he left a lot of holes in his argument that government officials’ emails should be private.

“Because they are written down,” he writes, “emails are treated like formal memos rather than like informal conversations. They are archived, and if journalists or ideologically motivated activists want to get their hands on them, they can.”

Points for still splitting “journalists” and “ideologically motivated activists” into two groups, but it really wasn’t necessary. A fact check, though?

A challenger approaches: Steve Reilly, investigative reporter for USA Today.

That sounds like a no.

Time to reset the “days without an accident” counter at Vox HQ.

Seriously, though: did Yglesias feel compelled to play defense for Hillary Clinton knowing “Against Transparency” would lead to ridicule, or did he really mean what he wrote?