The press pool traveling aboard Air Hillary has a lot of time on their hands between stops, so the only possible explanation for this is that they’re messing with the rest of us left on the ground. You don’t think they’re using this rare opportunity to ask Hillary Clinton the tough questions? They’ll show you just how seriously they take this gig.

Clarification: Clinton didn’t circle the answer, although she probably should have eaten the orange for the vitamin C.

Come on … no way that’s gonna roll.

So we’re not sure with whom Clinton would choose to have dinner. How does she feel about the House asking for a probe into the tech staffer who scrubbed her email archive just days after joining a conference call with Clinton’s lawyers? That wouldn’t fit on an orange, though.

Maybe she’ll talk about that later; word is she’s been pretty chatty despite that nasty cough.

Reporters almost missed out on that tradition, until Clinton finally broke down and hit the reset button on her vow of silence. But did the orange roll count as a press conference?