Hillary Clinton’s campaign plane has for a while now served as her safest of safe spaces; husband Bill certainly knew the inside of a private jet was the best place to talk golf and grandkids with Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

But are Clinton and the press really “stronger together” now that they are one big happy family up in the air? Up until recently, Clinton has enjoyed immunity from the press by keeping them roped off, so who knows if inviting all of those journalists to share her rarefied air has given Clinton a nasty reaction of some sort?

Even reporters covering Clinton’s Labor Day speech in Cleveland were uncomfortable watching her hack and cough on stage, something she blamed on her allergy to Donald Trump.

Come on; is it really fair to “over-crank the significance” of a little coughing spell? The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart recently posted definitive proof that Clinton is in fine health: a video of her helping pick up some index cards that had dropped on stage.

Video from the event shows it was actually uncomfortable to sit through, though.

The struggle was real:

Here’s a horrible thought; maybe Clinton and Kaine were sharing a harmonica back on the campaign bus and she picked up a bug.

Katie Pavlich has some good advice for the candidate who doesn’t seem to know what a microphone is and chooses to yell a good bit of the time while on stage, no matter what size the venue. Bill could probably tell some stories.

Maybe she reached in her purse for a lozenge and pulled out a bottle of hot sauce by mistake.

* * *


… and the coughing fit returned once everyone was back on board the airship Stronger Together™, cutting into a rare Q&A session.

Now we wonder how many times she had to excuse herself from that FBI interview.