President Obama is a master of the selfie, but when someone else is behind the camera trying to take a formal shot with other world leaders sharing the spotlight, he tends to get a little restless.

He did it again for this year’s “class photo” from the G20 Summit, managing to produce the best “caption that stare” picture since Nelson Mandela’s memorial service. Remember this?

It’s no secret what has President Obama distracted in this photo: it looks like Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Turkey’s Tayyip Erdogan were having a little business chat, and the most powerful person in the world was made to stand at the far end of the room.

Or maybe he’s using his psychic powers to transmit something to Vladimir; it’s safer than passing down a note with a (C) on it.

That is a great, great shot.

He’s ignoring her because he knows she’s going to ask him to take about a million Syrian refugees off his hands. Not that he’d mind, but he’ll have more flexibility after the election.