What is it with the Obama administration and Fox News reporter James Rosen? In 2014, former Attorney General Eric Holder told a forum that his biggest regret was labeling Rosen a co-conspirator in a subpoena, leading to the tracking of his movements and phone calls.

Rosen got another surprise courtesy of the administration in May of this year, when he discovered that a question he’d asked then-State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki regarding the Iran deal talks had been excised from the department’s video archives, with only a white flash left where his question had been asked.

The State Department determined the missing question was attributable to a “glitch” and restored the missing footage. Or maybe it wasn’t a glitch after all. State conducted an exhaustive investigation into who was responsible for altering the video but quickly hit a dead end and left it at that, having gone as far as it could go (e.g., “Hey, did anybody here order that video altered? No? OK.”).

Judicial Watch isn’t content leaving it at that, and on Wednesday filed a FOIA lawsuit seeking information about the glitch that just happened to erase only that one question about talks between the Obama administration and Iran.

Politico reports that the lawsuit seeks “all information State possesses about the original deletion as well as any investigation the agency has done into why it happened.”

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