Milwaukee has seen two nights of rioting (and counting), Gov. Scott Walker has activated the National Guard, and Mayor Tom Barrett has announced  a curfew. The riots began after a cop shot and killed a black man who allegedly was armed with a stolen semi-automatic handgun. Somehow the rioting and the shooting are related, but exactly how depends on whom you ask.

Is it because a racist black cop killed an armed black man? Is it because, as one demonstrator told reporters, rich people have money and aren’t giving it to poor people? The Journal Sentinel quoted alderman Khalif Rainey as telling the press that the rioting, looting, and arson were “byproducts” of inequity, injustice, unemployment, under-education, oppression, and racial problems.

Please, Vox, make sense of this for us!

They’re not irrational? Phew. So burning down a gas station and looting a beauty supply store because police shot an armed suspect does make sense after all?

It’s a shame that young people in the United States still have to pay to attend college, but that’s another issue that should be resolved soon.

Hey, didn’t Vox suspend (but not fire) one of its editors who tweeted that people should start a riot when Donald Trump came to their cities, and insisted it wasn’t a joke? But if riots can lead to social change, why suspend an employee for encouraging them?

Since we’re on the topic of rioting, arson, and looting: DeRay Mckesson, who was praised by President Obama at the White House in February for doing “some outstanding work mobilizing in Baltimore,” managed to parlay his teaching and community organizing experience into a one-credit course at Yale Divinity School that included “In Defense of Looting” as required reading.

Yes, this is to whom President Obama turns for input on police reform.

Dangerous and scary.

* * *