Reliably progressive (and therefore Pulitzer Prize winning) New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd is in big trouble now. In her new column, she calls Hillary Clinton “crazy,” sort of.

Dowd quotes Republican strategist Steve Schmidt, who told MSNBC that Clinton’s foreign policy more closely resembles that of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney than the GOP nominee’s foreign policy does. “And that’s how Republicans prefer their crazy — not like Trump, but like Cheney,” Dowd adds. See? She said Hillary Clinton is crazy.

The fault line that led to this crack in the liberal universe was traced to Blue Nation Review, whose CEO, Peter Daou, is a former adviser to Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. Daou wasn’t amused by Dowd’s “loathsome Hillary hatred” and “soul-gutting bitterness,” which he says arises from Dowd’s “futile hope of tearing down the woman she envies with all-consuming intensity.”

For the record, Dowd referred to President Obama as “Barry” in a July column; that would have been just a couple of months after Comedy Central host Larry Wilmore wrapped up his White House Correspondents Dinner routine saying, “Yo, Barry, you did it my nigga.”

Aside from that, though, he really liked the piece. A year’s worth of polling — not to mention focus groups made up of Walmart moms and futile attempts at outreach to millennials immune to Bill Clinton’s old-school “charm” — seem to show that being as loved as Hillary Clinton is a really, really low bar to clear.

But if things come down to a cage match between Dowd and Clinton, we’ll pop the popcorn.

That was foolish, considering that Bill Clinton would never look at another woman.

Private and psychiatric? That’s harsh.


Maureen Dowd: bitter woman, typical mean girl, attention whore witch obsessed with genitals. It is disgusting how these misogynist conservatives judge an assertive woman on her sexuality and then accuse her of being mentally ill. Sad!