So, which is worse? You’re a journalist assigned to cover one of the two big campaigns. You dislike Donald Trump, and he dislikes you in return, calling you out at campaign rallies amid loud boos from thousands. Inside you’re pulling for Hillary, but you don’t really like her either, and she doesn’t really like you, pretending not to hear you when you dare ask a question, like so:

Here’s another classic example from late July from CNN’s Dan Merica:

Trump’s poll numbers have slipped dramatically since the Democratic National Convention, but he seems to be returning to a theme that’s a crowd favorite: the media is crooked, and he’s going to let them know it. At his rally in Fairfield, Conn., Saturday night, he hammered the theme to the point there he claimed that he wasn’t running against Hillary Clinton but rather the media.

So, is Trump suggesting that the media and Clinton are essentially the same opponent, or is that reading too much into it, and he meant what he said literally? In either case, members of the crooked media were already struggling with heat that led several people to faint when the jeers started rolling in.

Well, that’s at least seven.

And who, exactly, turned an offhand joke about a crying baby into the Baby Heard Around The World “incident”? Bueller? Bueller?

Now you don’t have to waste your time tracking down and watching actual video of the event or even reading the write-up tomorrow.

How does Trump get away with so much media bashing?

Buck up, reporters: someone still loves you. Sorry … it’s not Hillary, but you’ll always have the memory of her aides literally fencing you off with ropes to enforce her personal space.