Plenty has been written about Olympians preparing to compete in the sewage-filled water of Rio de Janeiro, following an opening ceremony that was heavy on climate change sermonizing. For weeks the press has warned that the Olympic Village isn’t fit for occupancy, and now that the athletes have moved in (and the media as well), first-hand reports are verifying that claim.

Australian basketball player Andrew Bogut kicked things off with the #IOCLuxuryAccomodations hashtag, which promises to be the tag to follow for the most entertaining Olympic coverage.

All that aside, how do you like your room?

There looks to be a lot of DIY projects to keep the athletes busy while they’re not competing.

The Chinese have managed to keep almost everything together with lots of tape.

The good news: no one was hurt when the Australians were evacuated due to a fire. The bad news: someone stole their laptops.