President Obama obviously knew that he’d be asked during his press conference Thursday afternoon about the $400 million worth of cash airlifted to Iran in January, but after dismissing that controversy, he turned his attention to something he’d much rather the press cover: the great success of the other Iran deal, which allows international oversight of Iran’s nuclear program.

The entire Obama administration obviously believes that the State Department’s Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is a legacy-building accomplishment. Closing the deal with Iran was so important, in fact, that the State Department left detained Americans off the negotiating table entirely for fear of holding the deal “hostage to hostages,” and called in Hollywood megastar Jack Black and others to sell the deal to the American public.

Has the deal worked? Not by all accounts, certainly. Deal partner Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran, in June threatened to “set fire” to the agreement if Iranian money that was being kept in other countries was not returned. And earlier this week, Khamenei put the United States on notice for violating the agreement.

Guess that $400 million pallet of cash flown over in January in addition to the lifting of sanctions wasn’t enough? Khamenei’s anti-American ramblings were to be expected, but at least everyone in the West agrees that the Iran deal was an unqualified success of international diplomacy.

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