Rumor has it that Hillary Clinton’s schedule is full Thursday night, but after Donald Trump challenged her to hold a news conference after wrapping up his own on Wednesday, the Washington Post decided to ask her campaign manager, Robby Mook, when the press might actually have access to the Democrat nominee.

Erik Wemple passed along his answer: “We’re working on her schedule on a rolling basis, and we’ve been really proud that she’s done quite a number of interviews. Thanks so much.”

Everyone knows she’s done a bunch of interviews. She’s appeared on “60 Minutes” several times, and they were kind enough to cut her non-response to the DNC email leak from their broadcast. But her last press conference was nearly 240 days ago — given, appropriately enough, in Fort Dodge.

Clinton’s not afraid of a bunch of widows and orphans, so why is she so reluctant to take a couple of questions from journalists? Maybe Clinton’s pollster can give a more substantive answer.

Do Clinton’s supporters even want her to entertain questions from the press, or are they breathing a quiet sigh of relief along with her?