The cable TV cameras were set to go Wednesday night, each trained on a different individual and ready to cut in on cue when President Obama noted the diversity of Americans who all pledge allegiance under the same proud flag. (That same technique, by the way, backfired earlier when the Hillary Clinton campaign tweeted a photo of a crying Muslim woman who turned out to be a staunch Bernie Sanders supporter.)

It’s a beautiful image, and one that might have come across a little better had the president been standing under that flag himself, just to clarify for the audience exactly which one he was talking about. Viewers more than once saw the Palestinian flag waved inside the convention center, but there were probably more American flags on the streets outside the Wells Fargo Center than within, although those were likely on fire.

Where was the American flag anyway? It was tough to spot at the opening of the convention.

Hang on, there are a couple.

It figures that Donald Trump would try to make a big deal out of it.

A bunch, do you hear!

Thanks … circling it in red really helped.