As far as we know, President Obama, who announced to the country that there was “no definitive judgement” on the motives driving Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen, is still struggling to untangle the movies of the shooter who picked off cops in a sniper-style attack in Dallas.

The president doesn’t like to speculate when it comes to motives, which makes the White House’s stance on the leak of DNC emails a little unusual. Sure, the FBI is on the case, but is it possible that Russia was behind the hack in an effort to influence the U.S. election?

Anything’s possible? That’s quite a change from the official White House position yesterday.

Either that was a really quick, careful investigation, or the president is perfectly content to let the idea float out there.

Earlier Tuesday, Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz was equally coy when asked if Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin were conspiring against Hillary Clinton.

Good point; you’d be just as likely to get a timely response to an FOIA request from the Obama administration.

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