As Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake was calling the Democratic National Convention to order, there was quite a bit of disorder just outside. The Democrats might have built their own border wall around the perimeter of the facility, but as The Daily Beast’s Tim Mak reported, protesters took advantage of that limited access to stage a sit-in around the entrance.

After some wrangling with the ACLU over the original plan, the Republicans at least managed to maintain some sort of “security zone” around Quicken Loans Arena while protesters had free run of nearby Public Square. Ironically, the Democrats’ border fence seems to be working against them.

“Lock her up?” Have any journalists fainted yet? That sounds like some sort of modern-day witch hunt. For the sake of the children, cut to whatever’s going on inside. A performance by ’90s boy band sensation Boyz II Men? Now that’s news.

You mean the Adultz II Children tantrum?