When Donald Trump took the stage in Cleveland Thursday night to accept the Republican nomination, it surprised no one that the usual suspects in the media were put off by his (at first) relentlessly negative State of the Union address.

The fact checkers were out in force to disprove every claim, which is strange, considering that the same fact checkers seemed unfazed when the president declared (twice) that it was easier for a kid to get his hands on a Glock than a book in the United States. Meanwhile, people are working for starvation wages while climate change threatens to render the human race extinct. But at least there’s still hope and change in the pipeline; Trump’s speech, on the other hand, was just depressing.

Somebody should declare this Trump’s “Mourning in America” speech.

We said somebody, not everybody.



Crazy that Trump wouldn’t spend the first half of his speech praising the awesome job the Obama administration’s done. Even Hillary Clinton deployed secret weapon Bill with the tease that she’d put him in charge of revitalizing the economy, which obviously doesn’t need revitalizing.

Yes, but how dark? HOW DARK?

OK, that’s pretty dark. There was still an hour to go though, at which point things got quite a bit more optimistic, if you weren’t hiding under your covers and unable to see the TV.

And yet when, say, Black Lives Matter paints a dire portrait of a lawless, terrorized America, it’s an important conversation that the nation needs to work up the bravery to confront.

A little light in here wouldn’t hurt, but how about some perspective too?