The big news of the night is without a doubt the deadly terror attack in Nice, France, which has left 77 dead at last tally. President Obama quickly issued a statement on the attack even as TV viewers were watching him repeat his ridiculous lie about guns and books in a prerecorded gun violence town hall on ABC.

Rather than call out Obama for repeating that obvious myth he floated during a memorial service for five slain Dallas police officers, MSNBC’s Christopher Hayes noted that Donald Trump was calling in to Fox News and discussing the Nice terror attack with Bill O’Reilly — even while bodies still lay in the street in France.

Wouldn’t you just know it: O’Reilly invited Hillary Clinton to call in as well, and she did. Same network, same show, same host. So, who wants to tell him?

Maybe she got some more bad intel and thought the bodies and been cleared from the street, so it was OK to call.

No point; just leaning forward a little bit too far.

Maybe next time? O’Reilly did invite her back any time.

The dissonance took him a while to process, but Hayes eventually did criticize both candidates, blaming “the way things work now” — like tweeting something dumb and being called out on it.