As of midnight Thursday, four (update: five) police officers had been killed by gunfire at a downtown protest march, according to Dallas Police Chief David Brown. Ten officers were shot from above, while another was reportedly shot in a confrontation with one of the suspects. A citizen is believed to have been injured in the shooting as well.

Two suspects are being sought, including one man whose photo was released by police. (Update: Three suspects are in custody and one died after a standoff with police).

Brown also believes the suspects in the sniper-style shooting had threatened to plant a bomb in downtown Dallas.

Although this is unconfirmed detective work by those on social media, many tweeters are circulating a video shot by the Dallas Morning News which appears to show the suspect marching peacefully among the protesters as the first shots were fired from elsewhere. Again, this is unconfirmed by law enforcement, but it’s well worth a look.


The police say that the person of interest in the photo turned himself in, and that the man involved in a shootout with police is in custody.

Just for posterity, here are tweets from Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, music producer Diplo, and actor Wil Wheaton that taken together sum up the sentiment of much of America on the day of the Dallas shootings.