As Twitchy reported, Hillary Clinton spent Saturday morning of the long Independence Day weekend being interviewed by the FBI about the ongoing security review into her rather peculiar email arrangement.

President Obama, who is preparing to hit the road to campaign with Clinton, announced in March of last year that he’d heard about her use of an unsecured, private email address the same way everyone else did: from news reports. The same goes for scandals ranging from Fast and Furious to the IRS.

Hillary Clinton seems to think this is a policy that’s going to work just fine for her administration, telling MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Saturday that, like most people, she learned of her husband’s secret meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch by hearing it on the news. To be fair, history does support the idea that she doesn’t keep very close tabs on his whereabouts.

Pretty much.

That sounds more like the statements released by Lynch and Bill Clinton than it does the news reports on the “chance meeting.”


Was it a chance meeting, or was it because some former president was out for a walk on the airport tarmac one day and decided he’d go chat about the grandkids with an old acquaintance? What difference, at this point, does it make?