In an interview just last month, Sen. Elizabeth Warren didn’t exactly say she wouldn’t consider becoming Hillary Clinton’s running-mate, instead choosing to declare that she loved her job in the Senate and was doing exactly what the people of Massachusetts sent her there to do.

More recently, though, Warren has seemed to enjoy her ever more active role in Clinton’s bad cop/worse cop routine against Donald Trump.

The same media that (justifiably) criticizes Trump for his lack of substantive policy talk certainly went crazy after Warren appeared in Cincinnati with Clinton this morning and went after Trump’s goofy “Make America Great Again” headdress hat.


Those were some sick burns, all right — but were they enough to secure Warren a slot as Clinton’s VP? If her appearance today wasn’t a tryout for the team, every single media outlet seemed to have misinterpreted her presence.

ABC News passed along this earth-shattering exclusive from a source early Monday.

Hold up: there are quite a few who seem to think that, while she makes a great campaign surrogate for the robotic Clinton, Warren would be damaging her own brand as a true progressive by signing on with Clinton.

These rankings were from before this morning’s non-audition. Did the sick “goofy hat” burn seal the deal or is Clinton keeping her options open?