As Twitchy reported, the House Democrats’ gun control tantrum got real Wednesday afternoon when a representative showed up with her blanket to spread out on the House floor. Word is that Sen. Barbara Boxer brought granola bars, which is kind of lame, compared to Sen. Bob Menendez’ offering of M&Ms.

What good are blankets without pillows?

The sit-in, of course, was inspired by the failure of four proposed gun measures that failed in the Senate following a nearly 15-hour filibuster by Sen. Chris Murphy, who is trying to convince anyone who’ll listen that the GOP and NRA have teamed up to sell assault rifles to ISIS. That filibuster, in turn, was inspired by a terrorist attack on a gay nightclub by a man who called 911 and pledged his allegiance to ISIS but whose motives remain unclear.

While legislators have made it their mission to keep “potential” terrorists from buying guns, the LGBT community has contributed to a spike in gun sales, and a Houston TV station is reporting that literally hundreds are turning out for free classes to earn their license to carry and learn true gun control.

KPRC reports that more than 300 people have signed up for the classes at Shiloh Shooting, which just launched its Twitter account last week.

So, what does Shiloh Shooting think of the sleep-over on the House floor? It’s nonsense.