The House Democrats’ brave, air conditioned sit-in for gun control, which looked to be a pretty well-catered affair, was looking more and more like a slumber party as members brought blankets and pillows to the House floor.

Things got a little rowdy, though, when House Speaker Paul Ryan entered around 10 p.m. and attempted to restore order.

Did he bring M&Ms? That box Sen. Bob Menendez dropped off in support didn’t look very big. Bring enough for everybody next time, OK?

About that gun control vote:

Rep. Nancy Pelosi seems to know something important that she ought to share with her Republican colleagues; the terror watch list is apparently populated by “suspected terrorists,” who likely reside somewhere between “potential terrorists” and “terrorists on [the] FBI’s wanted lists.

No one seems to know who’s on the list or why or how they got there, but that’s not important right now.

OK, we let you stay up eating candy and singing, but now it’s way past your bedtime. Grab a pillow and settle down.

Sit-in leader Rep. John Lewis says it’s not over yet.