Has anyone started a site yet dedicated to explaining Vox’s explainers? As Twitchy reported, Matthew Yglesias came down with a bad case of the Vox Thursday and started tweeting incoherently about people being denied their constitutional right to board a plane.

Any other insight into the totally mysterious mass shooting at a gay nightclub by a man who called 911 himself to pledge his allegiance to ISIS?

Why, yes. Vox editor Emmett Rensin, who was suspended temporarily after tweeting that people should start a riot if Donald Trump is in town, was back with a partial solution to America’s “gun issue.”

That would be some trick.

Obviously. Wait, what now? There seems to be a crucial step missing between passing legislation and reclaiming privately owned firearms. Hang on, someone’s at the door.

Let’s not assume Rensin has any property to give up. Income inequality is a scourge upon the nation, you know.

Advising people to start riots seemed like a joke too, even after his insistence it was not.