It’s a given: a massacre as horrific and senseless as the Orlando nightclub shooting is going to inspire shock, anger, and frustration. Some reflexively turn their anger toward the inanimate object in the hands of the shooter and churn out essays and editorials blaming the NRA and the “potent mix” it forms when combined with ISIS ideology.

It didn’t take long, though, for one person to whip up a “bold art installation” to call for gun control.

Tasteless but effective, or just tasteless? Thankfully this “art installation” is in West Hollywood and not Orlando, where survivors aren’t going to see their loved ones depicted as naked mannequins on a suburban rooftop.

The Los Angeles Times reports that it took ChadMichael Morrisette four whole hours to complete his latest art installation, entitled “No One Is Safe.” It’s not his first art installation to make the papers; the Halloween before the 2008 election, he made news with a Sarah Palin effigy hanging from his roof.

Exit question: If someone set up a display of baby dolls across the street from a Planned Parenthood clinic (and they have), where was the media to interview the artist about his “bold art installation”?