As Twitchy reported Friday, the candidate who allegedly isn’t accountable to deep-pocketed donors seems to have had a hand in placing a major Clinton Foundation donor on a sensitive government intelligence advisory board, despite his complete lack of experience in the field.

(It reminds us a little of Chelsea Clinton landing high-dollar gigs as a hedge fund manager and very, very occasional correspondent for NBC News, but we digress.)

Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill says voters shouldn’t let that little faux pas bother them for a minute, because the seat on the board, which advised on nuclear weapons technology, was unpaid, just like a Clinton campaign internship (but coffee’s on the house!).

By having no background at all, the major donor brought much-needed diversity to the table. It all makes much more sense now.

Well, that’s the excuse you’re getting, so take it and shut up.

Does he have to say it again? That’s all there is to it — no further reporting will be necessary.