Hillary Clinton left no doubt Tuesday night that her securing of the Democratic nomination was historic. With California’s primary behind her, Clinton has decided to slowly pry open that door she’s maintained between herself and the press. She even agreed to appear on —gasp — Fox News.

It’s a shame that Bernie Sanders refused to take the fight to his opponent when it counted. Why? Because her dodges are so predictable, any serious opponent would have seen them coming from a mile away and been ready to counter.

That she did. Has she been contacted by the FBI? Well, she hasn’t been interviewed, if that’s the question. (That wasn’t the question.) What about those classified documents that passed through her non-secure, home-brew email server? None of them were “marked” classified, so how could she possibly have known? After all, there’s classified, and then there’s classified.

She looks thrilled to have the opportunity to dodge all of those unanswered questions one more time. Guess what? The real fight is just getting started, so perk up.

Oh, and about that warning that “Make America Great Again” is code for moving backward? Why is it that Clinton’s excuse that she “doesn’t recall” signing a non-disclosure agreement ring a big, red, deafening firehouse bell?

Check back through the archives: Clinton never, ever mentions the emails without dropping the words “marked classified.” She’s disciplined that way.

That’s no empty charge. In how many emails released by the State Department does Clinton ask staffers to print documents or fax them to her via her non-secure line? Getting classified material off of a secure system and forwarding it to Clinton’s private email server or fax machine doesn’t happen by accident — it takes considerable effort, because it’s not supposed to happen.

What difference, at this point, does it make?


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