Hillary Clinton can fundraise all she likes off of Donald Trump’s accusation that she continually plays the woman card, but is it really necessary for the mainstream media to play it on her behalf?

Whether or not Bernie Sanders has a realistic chance of garnering the Democratic nomination isn’t the question; Sanders has every right to put up a challenge for as long as he’s able. Or does he? Is his insistence on continuing to campaign motivated by a desire to win, or by sexism?

That was the question posed to Sanders on the eve of the California Democratic primary by the New York Times’ Yamiche Alcindor, who apparently liked her question so much she tweeted C-SPAN’s clip of it.

“What do you say to women who say that you staying in the race is sexist because they’re standing in the way of what could be the first female president?” Finally, someone poses the question that so many women — even die-hard but guilt-ridden female Sanders supporters, we’d bet — have been asking.

By extension, isn’t anyone who has donated time or money to Sanders or Donald Trump standing in the way of the woman who, frankly, was destined from birth to be the country’s first woman president?

Will anyone from the Clinton camp speak up and dismiss this question as demeaning and ridiculous?

We find it amazing he deleted his tweets. No one else had a problem questioning Alcindor’s professionalism.

“Works for the New York Times” is a big clue. According to her Twitter bio, Alcindor covers both national politics and social justice issues, apparently at the same time.

The question wasn’t necessarily unprofessional; if the person asking it, say, were employed as a strategist for the Clinton campaign, it would have been very professional.

Doubly sexist!