After the Nevada Democratic Party convention turned to chaos as frustrated Bernie Sanders supporters clashed with fans of Hillary Clinton, Sanders eventually released a statement in which he defended his supporters and denied that they had a penchant for violence, but he was widely panned for not immediately condemning reports of fights and death threats and children hurled from trebuchets.

Will Sanders take the next step and condemn his followers for reportedly catapulting young Clinton supporters from medieval siege machines? That’s what a petition posted to aims to find out:

Dear Senator Sanders,

At a recent Hillary Clinton rally, a Bernie Sanders protestor, not only disrupted the event, but began harassing a young girl with a Hillary Clinton sign. In a violent rage, the protestor placed the small child into a 14th century trebuchet, and launched her over the ramparts of a castle wall. We are writing this petition to ask you to call on your supporters to stop using children as medieval siege weaponry. We are including the tweet about this incidence as evidence in the hopes that you can put an end to this despicable practice.

It’s true — there’s an eyewitness account.

That really is beyond the pale. And the petition hasn’t even reached 300 signatures yet? Sad! Democrats can’t even unite on this important issue.

The Sanders camp has yet to deny the charge.

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