It’s fair to say that Megyn Kelly’s prime-time interview with Donald Trump, which aired Tuesday night on the Fox broadcast network (and not Fox News), was pretty well hyped for days by every major media outlet.

That depends. The preview tweets have ended, but once the interview finally hit the airwaves, both Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly live-tweeted their own prerecorded exchange, which made Trump’s tweet about how he expected to be treated somewhat odd.

How did she treat him? Trump watched along with the rest of the Fox audience and retweeted some of the more complimentary reactions.

Ironically, Trump admitted in the interview that retweeting other people is what tends to get him in trouble, while he spent the night retweeting other people.

There wasn’t much controversy to be found in the night’s retweets.

Have wounds really been healed, or has the public been had?

Anything else to gain?

The move might backfire, as plenty of Trump fans chose not to tune in because of the interviewer.