It’s difficult to believe it was last September when Hillary Clinton’s handlers decided it was time to let her show a little more of her authentic self: her spontaneous side, her “humor and heart.” She is a real person after all, which must be true because she said so herself.

Dancing the Whip and the Nae Nae with Ellen DeGeneres was a good start, but barking like a dog wasn’t, so it seems Clinton is trying to get back on track by using some of that humor to take a shot at presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump. Who knows? If she’d flown commercially in the last 30 years, maybe she would have told some jokes about airline food too.

Ladies and germs, Hilarity Clinton does her Donald Trump impression:

After a routine humor review, we conclude that the act is coming along nicely from the “… like with a cloth or something?” days.

People don’t like this Hillary Clinton either. Time for a re-re-reboot?

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