Chris Megerian is a Sacramento-based Los Angeles Times reporter whose bio indicates he previously covered Jerry Brown and climate change, so he knows cult behavior. Fortunately, he was in Portland Friday evening to cover an intimate Wiccan ritual in support of Bernie Sanders.

How intimate was the gathering? Attendance was capped at 100, but it was small enough that it could have been covered by a tablecloth instead of a reporter, and maybe it should have been.

The event organizer described the ritual for Bernie in her invitation.

Maybe you’re a Wiccan? Pagan? Goddess worshiper? Heathen? Druid? Spiritual but not religious? Secular Jew? Spiritually open minded? Unafiliated? Athiest who likes ritual? Other? And you would like to engage with a community of like minded individuals to raise the energy of the Bernie Sanders vibration to a higher frequency and ultimately change the world for our children, grandchildren, and all future generations. I hear you!

Note that attendance was inflated somewhat by the inclusion of a baby, a dog, and Portland Mercury reporter Doug Brown (pictured with camera), who participated in the prayer circle as part of his coverage.

Megerian reports that the group assembled amplify the “positive energy of Bernie Sanders and the progressive movement” in advance of Oregon’s primary on Tuesday.

They gathered around a small rug with four candles, flowers and an imitation ballot box adorned with Bernie stickers. Each person was handed a replica ballot and took turns declaring what they would like to see changed — ending private prisons, bringing back Glass-Steagal financial regulations, labeling genetically modified foods and increasing access to college. A reporter for a local alternative weekly who participated in the ritual asked for more transparent public records laws.

Don’t scroll further unless your eyes are ready to feel the burn.

Yeah, don’t drink that.