Anyone following the 2016 election knows that this upcoming Tuesday is critical to the Republican candidates, perhaps nowhere more so than the winner-take-all state of Florida, home of Sen. Marco Rubio and 99 desperately needed delegates. Donald Trump has held strong there in polls, though, leading by a good margin.

Please, please, no. The words “Florida recount” should come with one of those trendy trigger warnings.

Both Rubio and Trump supporters are desperate for their candidate to win Florida, and the huge number of early votes has many convinced that someone there is committing voter fraud.

Donald Trump himself recently issued a request for law enforcement to keep an eye on early voting in the state.

Marco Rubio swore off the (seemingly ineffective) Don Rickles routine, as Trump called it, but supporters are free to try their hand at it.

Just a tip: If he offers, do not hire IT expert Bryan Pagliano to check the electronic voting software.

Jimmy Carter wasn’t available yesterday because he was in attendance at Nancy Reagan’s funeral. But what happened to those U.N.-affiliated election monitors who visited in 2012?