It’s no secret at this point that the “alleged battery” (the words of the Jupiter Police Dept.) of Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields by Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowki has caused a rift within the Breitbart organization. As Twitchy reported, Breitbart PR consultant Kurt Bardella resigned earlier today, tweeting that it had come to the point where he could no longer “give 100 percent” to the people he was representing.

More dirty laundry has surfaced since, and it’s not pretty. Tweets show Breitbart editor Joel Pollack demanding his reporters to stop acknowledging the grabbing incident.

Breitbart reporters were slow to report on the incident, with Fields herself maintaining media silence at first while Daily Caller editor/boyfriend Jamie Weinstein immediately accused Trump of surrounding himself with thugs. Other media outlets picked up on the story, which eventually went national, with Fields appearing on “Good Morning America.”

In the meantime, readers are rethinking the relationship of the Breitbart site and its late founder, often pictured with his #WAR hashtag.

One careful plan, coming up?

A fair point: Fields has filed criminal charges, and who knows what sort of countersuit might be in the works.