For years, the hashtag #SlatePitches has been used to highlight a particularly stupid concept or story that the editors at Slate would consider genuine fodder for a future article. Take this bit of breakthrough journalism, for example:

Here’s some big news. #SlatePitches are a real thing, albeit with some strings attached. Slate is conducting its second annual “pitch slam” for paid-up members of Slate Plus, which currently runs $50 a year. “Post your ideas, vote on other people’s pitches, and find out how our editors make decisions. Winners’ stories will be commissioned for the site,” Slate explains.

The purple-and-gray box now on the site reads, “Anyone can pitch Slate by emailing [email protected]” and calls the pitch slam a semiannual event. In any case, it’s pretty clear that subscribers are the intended audience for this particular promotion.

That could be a #SlatePitch right there. Paid or not (mostly not), there’s no sign that the #SlatePitches hashtag will ever die.