A sheriff’s deputy was killed and two others were injured earlier today when serving an eviction notice at a home in Bailey, Colo. A male suspect was also declared dead in the altercation.

According to the Denver Post, three deputies approached the home around 9:30 a.m. and were met by a man with a rifle, who opened fire on them as they approached. One deputy, Corporal Nate Carrigan, a 12-year veteran of the Park County sheriff’s office, was shot and killed, while two others were hurt, one with life-threatening injuries.

A vigil is being held for all three deputies Wednesday night at Platte Canyon Community Church.

The suspected shooter is Martin Wirth, an Occupy Denver activist. The Post reports that Wirth, who was known to police, “railed against corporate welfare, big banks, the Democratic and Republican parties and government use of eminent domain” and recently ran unsuccessfully for state senate as a Green Party candidate, which he believed made him “a high value target.”

Wirth was killed in the ensuing shootout.