A campaign mailer which started hitting mailboxes on Friday has caused such a controversy that people are still arguing if sending it was ethical, let alone a smart move.

Jounalist Sarah Rumph broke the story in the Independent Journal, telling the story of an Iowa man named Tom Hinkeldey who received an official-looking “voting violation” form in a manilla envelope marked “Public Record” and “Further Action Needed.” Hinkeldey had tweeted a photo of the mailer but took it down when he realized it showed his address. Others have since posted photos with personal information redacted.

A return envelope says, “Paid for by Cruz for President,” and though the information on the form is available from public records, some found it unnerving to find their neighbors’ names and voting records on display. Hinkeldey tweeted to Cruz that the mailer helped him decide to throw his support behind Marco Rubio, but some insist that the whole thing is a fraud.

He was a mail man, you know.