Ferguson, Mo., the birthplace of the #BlackLivesMatter movement following the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by Darren Wilson, a white police officer, has reached a proposed consent degree with the Department of Justice, consisting of 131 pages of guidance that will govern how Ferguson police perform their duties.

The extensive agreement does touch on just about every aspect of policing. Officers will be trained in bias-free policing, use of body and dashboard cameras, avoidance of use of force when possible, First Amendment-protected activities, and more.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that one of the sticking points between the Justice Department and the city is the cost of monitoring compliance with the guidelines, which will be borne by the city and is estimated to cost $350,000 for the first year. Two taxes increases have been placed on the April ballot to offset the cost.

The Justice Department is satisfied with the agreement, at least.


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      I watched the first ten, but kinda dropped off due to real-life dealings. Will probably try to catch up soon. (Also, apologies for the late reply, but AT&T decided to be jerks.)

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    One of your policemen kills a violent punk, the protestors burn down your city and now you’re getting slapped with a bill of $350,000. Talk about a sh!t sandwich.

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    I wish I could give you another upvote for correct use of “penultimate”.

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    To @_JWthoughts: True. It does nothing to address the racism of blacks toward Hispanics, Whites, and Asians.

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    My mother used to work for the local Catholic charity, and we had the same type of influx when they set up a program to provide “free” eyeglasses to the poor. The word went out, and within 3 weeks, they were overrun with people from other states, and had to put a rule in place that only people who could prove they had been in Amarillo at least however many days were eligible for the program.

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    Build them overhead like US 277-281-287 through downtown Wichita Falls, TX.

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