Reuters is reporting Wednesday night that Ammon Bundy, who along with several other militia members was taken into custody last night at a traffic stop set up by the FBI and Oregon State Police, has through a statement instructed occupiers remaining at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge to “stand down and go home.”

“To those remaining at the refuge, I love you,” Bundy’s lawyer read from a statement today. “Let us take this fight from here. Please stand down. Please stand down. Go home and hug your families. … Please go home.”

The FBI held a press conference this afternoon at which a special agent said the occupiers had been given “ample opportunity to leave.”

One militant, rancher Robert LaVoy Finicum, was killed in a shootout with law enforcement at the traffic stop.

  • Jonas Blane ll

    LEOs 1.

    Whitesis(I mean Oregon militia)0.

  • Jonas Blane ll

    Funny how Tamir Rice got what he deserved.
    Cops were justified in shooting the UNARMED non threatening black couple in Cleveland 132 times .
    John Anderson got what he deserved for walking with a bb gun he picked up from a Wal-Mart shelf.
    Mike Brown got what he deserved for trying to grab Darren Wilson’s gun.

    ARMED white terrorist killed after trespassing federal property. Daring the FBI to come get him. Saying We’re here to kill or be killed. Didn’t deserve to be killed. Was unjustly ambushed.

    No racial double standards here,right?

    • bgbear_rnh


    • Domhnall J. Deplorable!!!

      None of those thugs were doing a thing to save us from tyranny. Our Militiamen have sworn an oath to do just that.

      • Jonas Blane ll

        The terrorists you call militiamen weren’t either. You defend them because they are white.

  • Robert D Piechocki

    Cankles=Hillary, I assume?

    That isn’t FBI jurisdiction. Nor would such ever be a grand jury item.

    • interestedobserver2

      Wait. What? You’re REALLY claiming that the FBI doesn’t have “jurisdiction” over investigating Cankles e-mail and illegal pay-to-play schemes with the Clinton Foundation?

      And you’re REALLY claiming that such an investigation would never go before a grand jury?

      AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Thanks for the laughs. And thanks for playing! We’re sorry that you only get this “dunce of the month” trophy to take home, but there it is.

      • Robert D Piechocki

        Idiot – the FBI doesn’t deal with such things at all – the CIA and Pentagon do, the FBI doesn’t deal with ANYTHING of the sort. No one below the DIRECTOR OF THE FBI can even look at Top Secret documents for Christ’s sake – it would literally be impossible for them to even evaluate things to get involved.

        Nor does it go to a grand jury – depending on who it’s handed to it’s either handled by the military (no grand jury) or Congress (no grand jury). More likely the latter since she was an elected official.

        Learn the fucking legal system before you start spouting non-facts. Jesus Christ – this isn’t quite high school levels civics but it’s not very far beyond.

        The Clinton Foundation stuff might be an FBI thing though – I’d tend to think not, but I’m honestly unsure. (Seems more like a general DoJ thing to me)

        • interestedobserver2

          Dude. You’re not in the same f**king world as the rest of us are. The FBI ALWAYS investigates cases of security violations involving civilian personnel. The Military only handles military cases. The CIA isn’t permitted to investigate ANYTHING other than the wrongdoing of their own people, and even THAT has to be turned over to the civilian authorities in order to be prosecuted if they believe an actual crime was committed. Only an absolute ignorant moron would think otherwise.

          The military prosecutes its own cases solely because Congress has given them authority to do so through the Uniform Code of Military Justice. EVERY OTHER crime involving classified information is a violation of a Federal statute (US Code) which, since it is a federal crime is handled by the FEDERAL Bureau of Investigation. And in the US, we have this thing called “due process” that means EVERY indictment must be handed down by a grand jury. Even MILITARY indictments are handed down by a separate hearing which is considered to be the equivalent of a Grand Jury proceeding (known as an “Article 32 Hearing” under Title 10, USC 832) before the charges can proceed to Court Martial.

          All of this is SPECIFICALLY contained in the FIFTH Amendment, you effing goonbag, Learn the fucking legal system before you go spouting off non-facts. Jesus Christ — this IS high school levels of civics and you’re so fucking stupid you don’t even realize it. Christ, even a douchecanoe like you OUGHT to be able to search Wikipedia or Google before you make an assclown out of yourself in public.

          And using a private foundation to engage in influence peddling is the very definition of “public corruption” you stupid wankmeister.

          And by the way — she was NOT an elected official, stupid. The office of the Secretary of State is an appointed one, whose occupant must be approved by the Senate. But then, since THAT’S High School civics too, you could hardly be expected to know it, could you? Dumbass.

  • deepdiver

    The Occutards where mostly protesting in deep blue cities where firearm ownership, let alone public carrying, is extremely regulated and further where open carrying is almost entirely or entirely banned.

    These guys were protesting in the middle of nowhere where only the elk, law enforcement and a few media people could see them let alone be close enough for armed/unarmed to matter.

    I’m not saying I support their actions and have said from the beginning that all other argument aside, the strategy, tactics and optics of this are awful for them and anyone who generally supports their premises. But to compare armed/unarmed with a group of guys camping illegally on a remote piece of federal real estate to people camping out in a park downtown Manhattan is nonsensical.

  • BC


  • John Howard

    Sounds like they are just refugees.

  • David Fowler

    The story that I heard was that he held his hands up and told them to shoot him and they obliged. That’s probably not what happened, but if it did that’s wrong. You can’t just shoot someone because they tell you to.

  • David Fowler

    Two more words. Ruby Ridge.

  • TexSizzle

    If Federal property belongs to the people of the United States, how can a citizen *trespass* on Federal property?

  • TexSizzle

    As I asked above, if Federal property belongs to the people of the United States, how can a citizen *trespass* on Federal property?

    • interestedobserver2

      If you’re looking for an argument, you came to the wrong place. I agree with you on that point. Though I’m sure all the statists out there will now point out that you can’t just walk onto a military base… 😉

      • TexSizzle

        Not looking for an argument, just throwing out something for people to think about regarding government overreach.

        • interestedobserver2

          I hear ya!

  • Barney Hadden

    Did he send the investigators in the day after the shooting? How about you wait more than three minutes before you scream that you know what happened and that someone isn’t treating you fairly? You sound ridiculous.

    • Shirley

      Absolutely no hope for you Obamabots. He can break whatever laws he chooses and he will always be your hero. Unfortunately many have suffered under this sociopath.

      • Barney Hadden

        Good crap, you dumbass. I’m as conservative as they come. I’m just trying to keep your unthinking reactioninsm from revealing to the world how stupid you are.

        • Shirley

          When you resort to name calling like the libs do, discussion is over.