Michael Bay’s “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” won’t be released until this Friday, but MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell is already concerned that the film could rekindle some of the many conspiracy theories associated with the deadly terrorist attack and in the process harm Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

It’s fair to say that the true story of Benghazi has been obscured by conspiracy theories; for example, that the coordinated terrorist attack was inspired by a YouTube video.

Kyle Drennen, a blogger for NewsBusters and a news analyst for the Media Research Center, notes that Andrea Mitchell on Monday hosted a panel on the film and the effect it could have on the Clinton campaign. Mitchell had only recently talked to Leon Panetta, and he and top CIA officials had denied that any of these conspiracies ever happened.

Washington Post political correspondent Anne Gearan agreed that the film could be a problem for Hillary Clinton: “It’s really a hard thing for the campaign to deal with because all they’ve got is essentially they’ve got history and facts on their side.”

Video of the exchange is available on the NewsBusters site.