WABC Eyewitness News in New York reports today that Port Authority officials are still trying to find out the identity of a man who got by security at John F. Kennedy International Airport on Dec. 13, walked across the taxiway toward a busy terminal and then slipped away when authorities arrived 10 minutes later.

Eyewitness News reports that a statement issued by the Port Authority when the intrusion was reported said that “PAPD responded, swept the area using canines and deemed the area safe.” Detectives are reviewing closed-circuit television and interviewing potential witnesses, but it is unlikely the intruder will ever be found or his motive determined, the statement said.

Congressman Gregory Meeks, who fears the intruder might have been testing the perimeter security system at JFK, has set up a meeting with Port Authority officials. “We can not allow on the perimeter of the airport to be any weak links,” Meeks told WABC. “In this day and age we live in, we have zero room for error.”