There has to be a conspiracy at work here: Neil deGrasse Tyson has been working Twitter to suck all the fun out of box office juggernaut “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” while Matt Drudge is one again teasing the idea that moviegoers can spend Christmas Day watching climate change scold Leonardo DiCaprio being sexually assaulted by a bear.

Now, conservative Ben Shapiro is taking on “the Force.” We had thought the prequels had done everything possible to ruin the idea of the Force, but Shapiro argues at The Daily Wire that the depiction of the Force is “stupid and immoral.” Still, Shapiro confesses that he loves the original films, and we love Shapiro, so let’s hear him out.

Shapiro continues:

Worse, the morality of the Force creates the worst sort of moral equivalence. It’s the same idiotic logic that leads every show these days to include some character chiding the prospective hero about not killing the bad guys, lest they become the bad guys. If you use hate to kill the Emperor, the Emperor has won, this logic goes.

Sounds a lot to us like the idea that attacking ISIS is just what ISIS wants us to do; what we need to do is change their beliefs by modeling how to be nice.

We’re beginning to understand why Hillary Clinton’s closing statement at Saturday night’s debate ended with, “May the Force be with you.”