As Twitchy has covered many times before, any number of people would like you to take this special time of year to harangue friends and family about their pet political issue, most often providing handy talking points for those dinner conversations. “Pajama Boy,” after all, was created to get families talking about Obamacare over their mugs of hot cocoa.

The more ambitious provide not just talking points but placemats. Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which grew up into the bully known as Moms Demand, created a printable placemat that “set the table straight” on gun violence.

Now, Campus Reform points out that social justice warriors at Harvard have created their own holiday placement with tips for talking to families about topics including Islamophobia and refugees, black student protests at Yale, and black murders in the street.

Anthony Gockowski gives the protests at Yale as one example:

“Why are Black students complaining? Shouldn’t they be happy to be in college?” the placemat puts forward as a possible question.

When answering, the placemat recommends students acknowledge their privilege rather than criticize the experience of students of color.

“When I hear students expressing their experiences of racism on campus I don’t hear complaining,” the placemat suggests as a response. “Instead I hear young people uplifting a situation that I may not experience. If non-Black students get the privilege of that safe environment, I believe that same privilege should be given to all students.”

The center plate offers tips for tolerating those bigoted cavemen paying your tuition, including the gem, “Breathe.”

The Harvard Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion collaborated with the freshmen dean’s office to create the placemats.

Fear not: it’s the Harvard Republican Club to the rescue!

Clicking here should send you to a large version to print and treasure.

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Here’s another winner that might better match your dining room curtains.