Fox News host Greta Van Susteren received a lovely Christmas card fundraising email from President Obama and thought she’d share it on her website. The president, you see, is concerned that the nation elect a Democrat to fill his current position for the next four years to preserve his many, many accomplishments, and he needs $8 (or more) to make that happen.

Apparently there’s a real danger that the country will elect a Republican president next fall, and that person would undo all of the progress that Obama has hard-won:

Together, we’ve been able to make a real difference in the lives of our fellow Americans. We’ve seen the Affordable Care Act upheld time after time, even with a Republican-led Congress intent on undermining its successes. We’ve celebrated the joy of marriage equality for all Americans, no matter who they love. We’ve pushed to make community college accessible for more students, and for important student loan reform to protect our young people’s interests. And we’ve taken a real stand on the serious problems that climate change poses.

I’m thankful for this progress. And for your support, which has made it all possible.

So, the president has given us Obamacare. Same-sex marriage was the work of the Supreme Court, and “accessible” community college was proudly introduced by the president as two free years of community college for “everybody who’s willing to work for it.” If he’s been pushing for it, he’s been very, very quiet about it.