Both conservatives and liberal media outlets were equally stumped earlier this week when a pro-gun rights group announced its plans to stage a mock mass shooting at the University of Texas at Austin. The Associated Press delivered what might be the least biased reporting on the protest, which would employ cardboard guns and fake blood to make the point — we think — that “gun-free zones” like universities are essentially advertising themselves as “soft targets” and prevent victims from defending themselves.

The event was the co-creation of Come and Take It Texas and On its Facebook events page, Come and Take It Texas said its “Life and Liberty Walk to End Gun-Free Zones” would begin with an open carry march and end with a “theatrical event.”

“In the wake of yet another gun free zone shooting, Obama is using it to aggressively push his gun confiscation agenda. Now is the time to stand up, take a walk, speak out against the lies and put an end to the gun free killing zones,” the event page continues.

Not only did a protest march of the protest march form; one group put together a “dildo open carry” and “fart-o-thon” to express their displeasure with the mock shooting.