President Barack Obama addressed the International Association of Chiefs of Police today in Chicago, where he spoke as expected on gun control and criminal justice reform. Not surprisingly, the president managed to make Chicago’s gun violence problem his own.

Well, he does have a house in a dangerous area of Chicago — just ask the Secret Service agents guarding it 24/7.

We’re guessing the president’s neighborhood isn’t one of those food deserts where it’s easier to find a gun than fresh vegetables.

Sounds like market forces at work to us.

Speaking of vegetables, President Obama echoed previous remarks on criminal justice reform by arguing that racial disparities in incarceration must be stopped at the root, a theory he put into practice recently by granting clemency (and writing personal letters) to 46 nonviolent drug offenders whose sentences he deemed too long.

Overall, the president was supportive of law enforcement. His support and understanding of the Second Amendment, though, remains in question. And if by “gun safety laws” he means gun control, we’d prefer he just say it.

It’s likely too late for that anyway, not that the president and Democratic mayors and governors didn’t give “common sense” gun reforms their best effort. Hillary Clinton, though, thinks Australian-style gun control is “worth considering.”