Slate isn’t the kind of site to throw around a word like “brave,” but its story of a woman who claims to have driven away a group of Planned Parenthood protesters with a chant of “Yeast infections!” practically requires it, if not a phone call from the president himself.

Slate reports that Mary Numair spotted the anti-abortion demonstration and quickly fashioned a sign out of masking tape and cardboard from a trash bin. The sign, which thanked Planned Parenthood for treating a series of yeast infections when Numair was in her early 20s and uninsured, “also included a delightful cartoon of a vagina with a smiling clitoris and a stick figure with pigtails and prominent breasts.”

Slate adds:

… with a spontaneous chant, she managed to break up the protest in under a half-hour. “I don’t know why I started chanting ‘Yeast infections!’ but it just came out. I have this cold, so it was just this obnoxious squeak, cheerleader-like. And I started doing high kicks, which I don’t normally do, in my skinny jeans.”

Numair thinks she’s onto something and might even add props to future counter-demonstrations, telling Slate, “If someone wants to help me make a giant wooden labia, that would be great.” We’re not sure why it has to be fashioned from wood; Code Pink has been doing just fine with fabric vagina costumes for years now.

Speaking of nuts, if Slate is looking for a real hero who’s making a difference in sexual health, it should publish a story on Señor Testiculo.