Though he spent most of his week on other subjects like criminal justice reform, the Oct. 24 edition of the president’s weekly address is concerned with the Clean Air Act, which will allegedly limit carbon emissions and “result in dramatic reductions in current and future emissions of climate change pollution.”

Attorneys general of several states wrote this summer to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy to thank her for her efforts in pursuing the Clean Air Act:

Significant reductions in these emissions must occur to prevent increases in the frequency, magnitude and scale of the adverse impacts of climate change – including more heat-related deaths and illnesses; higher smog levels, increasing the rate of asthma, pneumonia and bronchitis; extreme weather, including storms, floods and droughts; threats to our food production, agriculture and forest productivity; and threats to our energy, transportation and water resource infrastructure.

Of course, speaking of water resources, the president makes no mention of how the EPA “literally and figuratively blew it,” according to Sen. Sam Barrasso, when it released millions of gallons of toxic wastewater from the Gold King Mine “to poison rivers in three states.” Barrasso added, “Responsibility for this disaster lands directly on the EPA’s doorstep. I want to know who at the EPA will be held accountable for this disaster.”

No one, apparently. McCarthy declared that “the river is healing itself.”