Trey Gowdy certainly didn’t help his case when he — gasp — hesitated momentarily when a reporter asked what new information the Benghazi committee had learned from Thursday’s hearing. What he actually said was this:

Which, when coupled with the pause and a quick run through the spin cycle, was just enough for the pundits to run with this narrative:

Investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson, now with Full Measure News, is one of the few journalists who never gave up trying to unravel the Benghazi timeline, and while many are cheering Hillary Clinton’s victory over a purely partisan attack, Attkisson is still asking questions.

In honor of her extensive work on this story, we’ll let Attkisson have the final word on what we did and didn’t learn today.

Maybe not truthfully, but she did answer. Let’s see if anyone in the mainstream media picks up on any of Attkisson’s questions tomorrow or if the day just becomes a victory party for Clinton.