As Twitchy reported earlier today, it wasn’t long between the raising of an American flag over a reactivated embassy in Cuba and news that Cuba was reportedly sending troops to Syria to assist Russia in fighting the troops that the United States has been supporting. On top of that, Cuba is still demanding that the U.S. leave Guantanamo Bay and return it to Cuba.

That’s not to suggest that the U.S. hasn’t received anything in return from Cuba as part of its effort to normalize relations between the two countries. Mark Knoller reports that the Buena Vista Social Club, a band of Cuban musicians made famous in the U.S. thanks to a 1999 documentary of the same name, is performing at la Casa Blanca this afternoon.

This isn’t a political event, though. The band is there to help President Obama celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by serving as the opening act for his remarks.

They’re a great band, but we’re not sure the trade-off was worth it.