We think what you really learned from your walk is that nobody read your piece when it was published Friday, but we digress.

As the fight for the White House takes shape, we’re learning more and more about what’s acceptable this time around and what’s not. As Twitchy reported, the Democrats don’t mind a harmless birther joke as long as it’s aimed at a Republican presidential candidate. Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher explained in detail that the word “coon” isn’t racist at all, with the obvious exception that “… it’s still racist when white people say it.”

Even more food for thought from Christopher: it’s the whites who thought Prof. Anthea Butler calling Ben Carson “coon of the year” was racist who are the real racists.

If that last bit makes no sense to you, you won’t have much more luck reading Salon’s piece on Butler’s not-racist slight of Carson.

Writer Chauncey DeVega’s thesis isn’t exactly new: as a black man with conservative values and beliefs, Ben Carson isn’t “authentically” black. That gives DeVega the chance to use the term “black face,” which is super-edgy and certain to attract a click or two.

Words have meaning, history, and context. “Coon” is a racial slur which can trace its origins back to chattel slavery, and that rose to prominence with the 19th- and early 20th-century American blackface minstrel show.

Ben Carson and his black conservative brothers and sisters may not be putting burnt cork or shoe polish on their faces. But, they are doing much of the same type of regressive and reactionary political work.

We right-wing sewer dwellers have learned so much. So to make sure we’re not just racists supporting a racist, we should shun Carson and vote for …?


(Hat tip: asiangop)