Remember the guy at Donald Trump’s town hall in New Hampshire who claimed that President Obama was a Muslim and began a backlash against Trump for not correcting him? Some suspected the man was a plant, while days later pro journalists like CNN’s Jake Tapper were turning to Twitter to ask if anyone had any clue to the guy’s identity.

It certainly did seem odd that the same press that immediately tracked down every detail on Joe the Plumber just couldn’t seem to locate the man from Trump’s rally.

Fast forward to today’s visit by Pope Francis and the astonishingly large crowd that lined his motorcade as it wound through D.C. For many, the highlight of the procession was when a five-year-old managed to reach the Popemobile for a hug from the Pope himself. We wonder who that girl was … or how it was so widely known she was 5. Turns out we already know plenty about this lucky girl who made a run for it.

She’s from Los Angeles and, depending on which headline you read, she got past the barricades and/or broke through/breached/eluded security to give the Pope a hug and a gift. It certainly was kind of the security agents to gently lift her up to hand the Pope a gift after she broke through the barricades and ran into the street.

It turns out we know her name, too, and the message she handed the Pope.

Wow; we even have a copy of the letter she handed to Pope Francis. If that’s too difficult to read, you can click on over to The Guardian’s U.S. edition to hear her read it out loud.

Shhh … it’s a secret just between Sofi and Pope Francis.

Here she is with her illegal alien father, whom reporters also managed to track down and interview (see below).

Imagine if Sofi and her father had traveled all the way from L.A. to D.C. after all that preparation and she hadn’t managed to break through the barricades and security personnel. Truly a miracle.

* * *

Update: The Chicago Tribune reports that Sofi and her father will be busy during their visit to Washington:

Sophie and her father will appear at a rally and news conference Wednesday evening at the Capitol. Rep. Julia Brownley invited Sophie to listen to the pope’s address to Congress on Thursday.

The Cruz’s trip to Washington was sponsored by the nonprofit group Hermandad Mexicana Transnacional.